Graphics Design and Branding

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Graphics Design, Branding and Corporate Identity

All visual designs are composed of eight elements
(Point, Line, Shape, Form, Tone, TextureColor, and/or Text).
These elements are combined and arranged to create a desired visual appearance.

DGloby Project Manager will follow checklists to make it very easy and a fun process for you to get any ideas you might have into reality.


How We Do it

Step 1: We Talk to You to Find Out What you Want.

Step 2: We do a Lot of Research.

Step 3: We ask you questions, communicate in person, online one on one, via phone at any time you want…

Step 3: We always use the Right Software and Tools.

Step 4: We Structure Your Proposal Sensibly by Starting with the requirements

Step 5: We Explain our Solutions.

Step 6: We Clarify the Next Steps.

Once We Start

A- We design mockups or demos
B- We send them to you.
C- We go over what you like and we listen to your feedback
D- We learn better from you and go back to the designing board to redesign and fine tune!.
E- Once we nail what you want, we must get your approval
F- Regardless the number of revisions, we always GUARANTEE your 100% satisfaction period!

Popular Graphics Design Services



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