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Digital Globy is a new company based in Charleston, South Carolina with a plan to grow and open offices in Columbia, SC and in Houston, TX. DGloby’s founders are the senior project managers and the owners of other companies incorporated since 2002. As the competition online is dramatically growing even before the Pandemic, we know how tough, expensive, and difficult it is for any business, NGO, company, individual, web owner, retailer or other organization to increase leads, sales, donations and interaction. To increase traffic, increase audiences, views and impressions, all is REQUIRED for you to reach the targeted highly needed people who are looking for the best of the best in what you do.  This is what DGloby does! We together will make you the TOP of your domain online.  It solidifies that we too are the BEST at what we do. This is why we do not have sales. Our strategy is to take every new client’s project, ensure they pay the lowest possible budgets and get the most effective results!

We Provide Our Clients with Professional, Dedicated, Exclusive Service and always build a relationship with each client that we hope lasts for life.

Our Goal is with each client’s success? We gain more clients. We will strive to be your “experts” and team for all the services needed for your business to generate more business!

Every Business and Website must have professional:

  • Branding, Graphics to Web Design & Web Development
    Your website must be High End to beat your competition! We use the latest most modern and popular software, easy to use systems, add all the technologies available to hand you one beautiful ‘High Riser’ taller than others in the online world! Your SUCCESS is ours!
  • SEO, Social Media Marketing, Influencing and Web Promotions

    Once online is old news. Your web pages must rank high in Google results! We take care of your social media so you become today’s news … We use videos to attract audiences while others create simple banners. All this and for less!

  • Digital Marketing and Pay Per Click Management.

    Your Project manager is Google AdWords certified since 2004. When anyone spends money and does not make $1 profit back? It’s time for you to have an expert analytics specialist to handle your accounts, campaigns, and mange it daily for you!

  • Videos for the Web. Video Views and Video Marketing

    They say one image is worth 1000 words. It’s true. But it is also a fact that ONE VIDEO is worth thousands of images! Video marketing provides marketers with an attractive, versatile, and extremely shareable medium to reach their audiences.