What to Expect from Web Design in 2021

The professional web development companies in South Carolina are keen on adhering to the latest web design trends for creating innovative and streamlined websites for their clients this year. In this post, we will shed light on the latest web design trends of 2021.

Web design trends keep changing every year owing to technological advancements and innovative design options. If you want a modern website for your business, you should be aware of the web design trends that are rising in popularity this year. Now let’s take a look at the latest web design trends of 2021.

  • Mobile-first Web Design to Rank Higher on Google – The demand for mobile-friendly designs for the web has been growing exponentially. Google too has rolled out its mobile-first index to give priority to the mobile version of websites. Now websites having a mobile-version will appear on the first page of search results. Thus, web design companies will focus more on mobile-friendly web designs this year.
  • Minimalist Web Layouts to Help Users Focus on Your Content – Web design companies in Lebanon will focus on developing clean and simple layouts. Minimalistic layouts have a fast page load time as they are not cluttered with images. Moreover, layouts that put emphasis on a website’s textual content are also easy to read.
  • Creative Typography for adding an identity to your brand – 2021 will be the year of multi-colored fonts; hence, web development companies in Lebanon are emphasizing colorful fonts this year. Colorful typography will enable brands to add uniqueness to their web designs. 2021 will also witness lots of retro–typefaces, dynamic gradients, creative word-art, custom fonts, and big and bold texts that will help your business stay in the spotlight.  Serif font will also make a comeback this year.
  • Web Animation for conveying complex messages in a simple manner – This year web designers will use lots of cinemagraphs, GIFs, and animation for creating attractive landing pages. Web animation, GIFs, and cinemagraphs can help your website narrate your brand story through words and animation.  Moreover, animations are capable of communicating your messages instantaneously besides reinforcing your online standing while keeping your customers engaged.
  • Particle Backgrounds for enhancing your page load speed – Your website should load within four seconds if you do not want your visitors to leave the site.  To enhance page load speed, web designers will put emphasis on particle backgrounds this year. Particle backgrounds are not only attention-grabbing but also load faster compared to websites with video backgrounds.
  • Custom Illustrations for conveying your brand message in an enduring manner – The trend of custom illustration will take center stage as more and more brands would be leveraging custom illustrations for creating a unique web design to convey their brand message in a better way.
  • Drop Shadows for adding depth to your web design – Drop shadow will be in the limelight this year. Drop shadows use gradient shades and fine-drawn shadows for adding 3D effects to your web design.

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