SEO Companies in Charleston South Carolina SC Search Engine Optimization for Class A Companies

SEO Search Engine Optimization is now a science and industry worth 500+ Billion USD a year in the United States alone! Since 2001 I have been learning SEO and implementing all SEO techniques, technologies, and practices people still ask me what is your secret?

Almost daily the most common question I get from web owners, Class “A” companies with Marketing Departments and advertising experts larger than my entire company, and business owners are: “Can you GUARANTEE us Number 1 ranking for “X” search terms?”

Yes, I am considered an SEO Expert. How many people do you know had websites dominate search terms since 2002 at for some of the most expensive high-quality search terms for the major cities such as New York, LA, Chicago, etc…

With experience, on the job learning, and after passing over 1000 different clients who paid me just for SEO services, my knowledge base increased with every single client and every web page I promoted online.

As Google owns 22 websites out of the TOP 100 websites, and as Google Search Engines are used by 95% of all Internet Searches globally let’s face when we talk about SEO we are talking about Google and please do not fool yourselves when you are looking for SEO Companies in Charleston SC by falling for SEO Sales presentation and even if the SEO company in Charleston shows you a proof to how many websites they have ranked number in Google including their own so forth.


Who am I??? You have 2000 Google Engineers working daily 24/7 to manipulate the Google Algorithms. Each Team is lead by an expert engineer sworn to secrecy and each Team does not know what the other teams do every day. Each engineer has signed several NDA, and even if they did tell their secret is limited to what they are working on and now the Google Algorithms easily has combined over one hundred thousand different variables in how, who, when, and what they rank websites high in their search results.

If I am such a Google SEO Expert and such a HOTSHOT how come I do not own different websites and all are ranked so high in Google and I am not a Billionaire today?

So whoever you are and regardless of how much you know when you are looking for an SEO company in Charleston SC please have the sense, frankly speaking, the common sense to know that regardless of what an SEO Company or SEO guy or SEO Expert tells you, the reality is SEO and ranking websites high in Google is NOT Magic!

I have had so much SEO experience and probably spent tens of thousands of my man-hours to know better.

All that said, I will GUARANTEE you this though:

Globally and SEO in Charleston South Carolina included all SEO companies and Web Companies always 80% of them are SEO resellers. I have seen SEO companies that do nothing but sell SEO services and many do well very well that no one on staff knows the correct SEO terminology. These SEO-related English words did not even exist in 2000.

Erven I once a year learn several new SEO words as Google might make drastic CHANGES OR ADDITIONS TO THEIR ALGORITHMS and someone somehow somewhere names it a word in a forum usually and before you know it goes viral.

After explaining the reality and how serious SEO is especially to Class “A” companies with Marketing managers, IT managers, Advertising consultants, and the CEO sitting around their conference table with a $20,000 80 Inch screen TV all that I ask for usually to start yet start a serious SEO package that will succeed, and I already know within 3 to 4 months the company will get that one call that will make them so much money usually from experience I already know that’s when they will call me back, I ask them for $6000 ONLY.

The CEO’s chair and desk cost the company over $10,000
When I speak and present iBaroody SEO services and how we do it, and why and I will never guarantee them what they want to hear Number 1 RANKINGS GUARANTEED usually by then and although it is clear to them I know what I am talking about and I have so much experience instead of trusting right away as I already for sure (GUARANTEED there nowhere else any in the world can get them more effective SEO results globally per each $1 spent than me), they usually think $6000 is very expensive for what I want them to have a 3-month work plan at $2000 a month spending on links, content, and SEO materials.

The same group and team sitting around the same conference table in Charleston South Carolina would rather TRUST the SEO company that charges them $500 a month, maybe $300.

After 12 months and 12 payments barely getting them the well-deserved results and I estimate it would take 24 months to get them the same ranking at $12,000 then my $6000 and what I do with it in 3 months as a one-time payment and the results last forever permanent, at no monthly charges, and nothing I can do I can undo such as remove valuable links to trap the company into continuing paying monthly and after all the free consulting I give to the highly educated team at the Class “A” company does anyone have to sell you SEO and sell you Google and its importance?

I remember in 2003 and 2004 in Charleston South Carolina not many knew what SEO is and they thought it was magic back then. But 15 years later in 2020 any web owner or any CEO or marketing Advertising even IT manager or specialist do you still really need anyone to explain to you how important time is to Google and Age?

You still cannot visualize on your own knowing was just a website for $30 a year in 1996 and now just a website beat Walmart?

For over 20 years 40 to 50% of all Amazon traffic came from Google. Even today Google a product you most likely will get an Amazon URL as the number in Google.

The point is Google and your website are the same as your property and real estate except it’s in the Online World.

SEO was 400 Billion ISD industry in the US alone in 2018 now it’s over 500.
Every day you waste now it’s going to get more expensive and harder to get the results.

So if you are a Class “A” company in Charleston South Carolina and you have paid tens of thousands on Billboards for 30 days off I-26. You already know you did not sell anything or just got a few calls in those 30 days, do you still have doubts about spending this average of $6000 on a company that has been doing this since 2001? This $6000 will get you more calls per month as if you spent it on billboard expect? This will keep generating your calls and sales every 30 days and for free every month unless your competitors find a more experienced SEO company and spend a lot more than you.

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